The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

September 9, 2003
Working Meeting

MG&E Innovation Center, 505 S. Rosa Rd., Madison

This is a meeting to gear up for our fall plans, which are extensive and growing.

SUMMARY OF MRSCP STATUS (Please review prior to the meeting; these will all be discussed)

MRSCP has four working committees at the moment: The Delegation Committee, the City Council Committee, the Material Aid Committee, and the Literature Table Committee. In addition we have a website coordinator and a treasurer.

The Delegation Committee is preparing for sending a delegation, probably around 10 people maximum, sometime in early winter. For further details, contact Jennifer.

The City Council Committee has been active over the summer, and has drawn up plans for approaching the City council sometime this fall, hopefully before the delegation is scheduled to depart. We have been talking to other Sister Cities (including officially joining the Madison Sister Cities Coalition) as well as meeting with numerous individuals to solicit their advice and support. We have secured a number of endorsements and have set up an Advisory Committee of individuals.

The Material Aid Committee had set up the framework for a Medical Aid Campaign, however, due to difficulties in implementation in Palestine this is temporarily on hold. The Committee will be deciding on a fall campaign, probably in coordination with the Olympia-Rafah Sister City, which will be supporting a Women’s Empowerment Center and a Children’s Center in Rafah.

A campaign may also be done in coordination with the delegation planning. The Well Fund Campaign collected just short of $2500 which is being forwarded to Rafah this month.

The Literature Table Committee is being split off from the material aid work. The lit table committee has a good stock of literature (although we can always use suggestions for more!) and had a very successful day at the Farmer’s Market on Aug. 23. We should also be at Bobfest this weekend and several events are planned for this fall.