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Phone calls needed to support UW-Madison students protesting the Gaza war

Yesterday hundreds of students and faculty at UW Madison and UW-Milwaukee joined the growing campus protests around the US. against the slaughter in Gaza. (Directory of protests here)

In Madison, a 24-hour protest encampment was established on Library Mall. The protest continued overnight last night and is going on today, in spite of police preparations to force the protestors to disband.  (Check the Daily Cardinal’s blog for updates.)

If you are able to attend the protest at any time please do so. Community support will be the key to keeping these students safe and protecting their free speech rights. Feel free to bring food, tents, sleeping bags, pads, tarps and other things that could be useful to this encampment. 

You can help today by making phone calls to these University officials insisting that they NOT use police force against the peaceful protesters and that they listen to the students’ justified demands rather than punishing them for trying to stop a genocide. 

  • Chancellor Jennifer Mnookin (608) 262-9946 Option 4
  • Dean of Students Christina Olstad (608) 263-5700
  • Interim Campus Police chief Brent Plisch (608) 890-2730  

If you can, please make two more phone calls in opposition to the potential use of force against the protestors:

  • Office of Gov. Tony Evers:  (608) 266-1212 No State Police in Madison or Milwaukee)
  • Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway: 608-266-4611 No Madison Police


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