The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

Palestine 2020 Series: Water as a Public Health Issue


Watch the Recording of this Special Session

Nidal Al-Azraq & Zena Agha on Water as a Public Health Issue Palestine Under COVID-19 & Policies of Occupation

Thank you for joining our this special series for an inside look into Palestinian responses to the current policies of Occupation.

You can watch the follow-up recording of the May 28th Webinar below. Please scroll for resources from, Al-Shabaka, and The Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem/Society (ARIJ).

Register here for the final Special Session on June 13th at 3PM eastern featuring Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme and Dr. Bassam Zakout of the Palestine Medical Relief Society. It will include a detailed look into the Psycho-Social and Physical Health of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, both inside clinics and out in the streets. Dr. Abu Jamei and Dr. Zakout are practitioners with a profound depth of experience serving their community from Gaza’s hospitals to the front lines of protests.

Thank you again to Nidal and Zena for their courageous work. You can access Zena Agha’s research and written pieces here. Please stay tuned for updated information on 1for3’s upcoming projects here. Lastly, you can gather statstics and information on Water in Palestine by signing up to ARIJ’s Newsletter here.