The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

November 9, 2023

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Party for Socialism and Liberation – Madison

Madison-Rafah Sister City Project
As the known death toll shoots past 10,000 people — including over 4,000 children — in Gaza, and following huge protests by millions around the world this past weekend (including in DC where many from Wisconsin traveled) many organizations have issued a call for Shut it Down for Palestine protests on Thursday, Nov. 9. 
In Madison, a demonstration has been announced for 3 pm on Thursday at the State Capitol. We hope you can attend. If you would like to stand with MRSCP members, we will be meeting just before 3 pm in front of the WI Historical Museum, 30 N. Carroll Street, on the Square; look for the MRSCP banner. We will remain at the meeting place until 3:15.
Wear your kuffiyehs, brings flags and signs.
And check our face book and twitter pages for updates.
Please keep calling public officials, especially Senator Tammy Baldwin, who still refuses to support a ceasefire to save the lives of thousands of Palestinian children and other civilians trapped under the bombing.
MRSCP is planning to continue our lighted sign display around town. We can use volunteers to help, so if you are interested please contact us.
Finally, while the world is focused on Gaza, terrible things are happening to Palestinians in the West Bank as the Israeli government and its violent settlers have escalated ethnic cleansing of large swathes of Palestinian land.  The article “We Need Eyes on Us for Protection” from In These Times is a must to read and circulate.
As always, thanks for your support.






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