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Emergency demonstrations throughout Israel

Stop the war! Move towards peace!

Occupation Magazine, Nov. 13, 2018

    Hebrew original forwarded by Standing Together, translation Adam Keller

Today at 20:00 — Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem — The Standing Together movement, along with various peace groups, will demonstrate today (Tuesday, Nov. 13) throughout the country, demanding a complete change of direction. Instead of war and fear and bloodshed we should lift the siege of Gaza, end the occupation, and actively pursue of a comprehensive Israeli-Palestinian peace.

The pain of suffering casualties, the fear of another night without sleep and the question “why?` are now the lot of very many people. We want – we must – change this reality. This conflict has gone on far too long. Again and again it flares up. Again we hear arrogant statements about “It is time to teach them a lesson” which do not and should not give anyone a feeling of confidence.

We must take a new path. Residents of Southern Israel and residents of Gaza, Israelis and Palestinians – only peace can guarantee security to all of us. Only peace will ensure quiet nights – this is the only way. Let`s end for spreading hatred and sowing fear, let`s end this pain. Today, especially today, let us demand what should have taken place long ago, the only thing that can ensure life: lifting of the siege, ending the occupation and achieving Israeli-Palestinian peace. We deserve a happy ending to this sad and difficult story.

    The demonstrations will take place at:
    Haifa – UNESCO Square in the German Colony, at the foot of the Baha`i Gardens
    Jerusalem – Paris Square
    Tel Aviv – The corner of Rothschild Boulevard and Allenby Street

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