December 7, 2023
Gaza Vigil Lights at Monroe & West Lawn


Join us to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.
Thursday, December 7, 4:30-6 pm
Corner of Monroe Street and West Lawn on Madison’s westside

Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor now estimates the number of Palestinians killed by Israel in Gaza since October 7 at 20,000, including those missing under the ruble with little hope of survival. At least 15,271 have been killed, including 6403 children.

Please join us to call for an immediate ceasefire and humanitarian aid.

Called by Madison-Rafah Sister City Project and Palestine Partners

December 6, 2023
Online: How does Israel get away with it?


War Industry Resisters Network presents:
How does Israel get away with it? with Jeff Halper
3-4 pm CT

The level of impunity for Israel is striking. How does Israel get away with it? Is it because it is protected as a client state by the world hegemon, the United States? Or because of the collective guilt of humanity for the holocaust? Or because of its carefully managed narrative of defending itself against anti-Semitism?
While all of this matters, Jeff Halper argues in his book War Against the People that Israel has carved out a niche in the global military-industrial complex. It has become expert at population control using what Jeff refers to as its MISSILE system: Military, Internal Security, Surveillance, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement, all field-tested in Palestine.

More information and registration

December 6, 2023
Webinar with Combatants for Peace


12 Noon CT

Join us this Wednesday for our next webinar of Solidarity Speaks, an emergency series giving people around the world a forum to hear directly from Palestinians and Israelis calling for an immediate ceasefire and an end to collective punishment in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

This Wednesday we will be joined by Ahmed Helou of Combatants for Peace, a grassroots movement of former Palestinian and Israeli combatants working together to end the occupation through civil resistance, education, and other means of creative nonviolence.

Ahmed Helou is a second generation refugee whose great-grandparents left Gaza for Bir-Saba before being displaced to Jericho, and much of his family lives in Gaza now. He is a current resident of Jericho, a former political detainee, a former parliamentary aid in the Palestinian Authority, and worked as an ambulance volunteer with the Palestine Red Crescent during the 1996 clashes in Jerusalem. Since 2013 he has been active in Combatants for Peace promoting a future of collective dignity, freedom, and equality for all. 

We are honored to speak with him about the events of the last weeks and about the ways the ongoing violence is impacting him, his family, and his community.

Register at this link to join the emergency webinar.

December 5, 2023
Webinar on Palestinian Political Prisoners


11 am CT

Join Eyewitness Palestine to learn about who Palestinian political prisoners are and the unjust Israeli system that detains them. While airstrikes in Gaza were paused, hundreds of Palestinians in the West Bank have been arrested and detained by the IOF, bringing the total number of Palestinians detained up to a remarkable 7,000, including children. Many of these Palestinians are held without trial or charge under a practice of Israeli military law called administrative detention.

Hear from Addameer Palestinian attorney Tala Nasir, Palestinian Activist and Life Coach Arab Barghouti, son of political prisoner Marwan Barghouti; and other family members of Palestinians who remain unjustly detained.

Free and open to the public; optional donations accepted.


December 4, 2023
Dreams and Displacement in Afghanistan


Information and Registration
4 -5 pm

Join investigative reporter and Pulitzer Center grantee May Jeong for a discussion of her experiences reporting from Afghanistan.

In preparation for this talk, attendees are encouraged to watch Afghan Dreamers, a documentary about an all-girls robotics team from Afghanistan and their fate as the Taliban came to power. The film is teen friendly and can be used in the classroom. You can view the trailer here . The film is currently streaming on Paramount+

Sponsored by IRIS NRC, Cosponsored by the Middle East Studies Program

December 2, 2023
Fair Trade Holiday Festival

Annual Fair Trade Holiday Festival
Monona Terrace
8 am – 3 pm

Madison-Rafah Sister City Project, Palestine Partners, and Madison Playgrounds for Palestine will once again be selling our fair trade Palestinian products.

This year more than ever we ask you to help Palestinians to remain and thrive on their land by buying the great variety of beautiful and useful products that our three groups are able to bring to you.

In spite of the situation, we do have a good supply of embroidery, ceramics, olive wood products, earrings, Hirbawi keffiyehs, olive oil, olive oil soap, zaatar, and more.

We will also be promoting awareness of the crisis in Palestine, and raising funds for Gaza relief and the Madison-Masafer Yatta Olive Grove.

November 30, 2023
Webinar: Assessing America’s Response to the Gaza Crisis

The White House, Congress, and the American Public

(Shutterstock/Anas Mohammed)

Thursday November 30, 2023
9:00 AM – 10:30 am CT

About the Webinar

The war on Gaza is having devastating consequences for Palestinians, Israel, the region, and the world. Perhaps more than any other crisis in recent years, this moment has reverberations across the globe. How has the United States responded to this moment? How can we assess the responses from the White House, the US Congress, and US public opinion? What do these different responses tell us about the United States and its ability to pursue its stated objectives of peace and stability in the region and beyond? What are the consequences of this moment for American foreign policy?

November 30, 2023
Live Event: Palestinian Olive Oil & Dates from the West Bank

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Supporting Palestinian Farmers in the West Bank: Our Partnership with PARC

Learn about Palestinian olive oil and dates from the West Bank and how farmers are faring

Live Zoom Event  |  Thursday, November 30

1:00pm-2:15pm Eastern

12:00pm-1:15pm Central

10:00am-11:15am Pacific

Register to Attend

Please join us on Thursday, November 30th for an extremely timely live webinar about Palestinian olive oil and Medjool dates from the West Bank.

Many of you have purchased our Organic Olive Oil from small farmers in the West Bank for years. Did you ever wonder exactly how the oil and dates get from the farmers to Equal Exchange? Come to this webinar to learn more about our organizational partner, the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC), and learn how these farmers are faring at this tragic and dangerous moment in the Middle East.

The olive harvest is just concluding as this announcement goes out, so we’ll have updates for you. At the very end of the webinar, for those interested, we’ll have a short demonstration on how to do an olive oil tasting. We hope you’ll join us.



Palestinian Olive Oil & Medjool Dates

from PARC, the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee
Image of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Case of six 500ml bottles
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Image of Medjool Dates
Medjool Dates
Case of five 17.6oz boxes
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Let’s build a better food system, together 

With your support, we’re growing alternative trade. Now we’re asking you to get even more involved. Join our growing community of Citizen-Consumers working to change the food system, together.

Here’s how to get started >

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November 29 – December 5, 2023
#ReadPalestine Week



Join us for an international #ReadPalestine week, starting Wednesday, November 29, on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. During this week, we encourage people around the world to read fiction and poetry by Palestinian and Palestinian diaspora authors, as well as nonfiction about Palestinian history, politics, arts, culture, and life, as well as books about organizing, resistance, and solidarity for a Free Palestine. 

To encourage the spread of #ReadPalestine, signatories of the Publishers of Palestine letter of solidarity have organized a Free Palestine Reading List. Participating publishers will be offering one of their e-book titles for free download from November 29 to December 5; all titles will be available through PUBLISHERS FOR PALESTINE. There are currently more than two dozen books on the list in six languages, including a half-dozen award winners, with more coming in. The free ebooks will be available from November 29-December 5.

We also encourage readers to post on social media about their favorite Palestine books, to quote from their favorite authors, and to make learning more about Palestine an act of solidarity, using the hashtags #ReadPalestine, #LirelaPalestine, #اقرأ_فلسطين, and more. Participating indie bookstores and libraries are invited to join us by creating Read Palestine displays, social media posts, and other forms of creative solidarity.

Unite now to stop #GazaGenocide and start dismantling Israeli apartheid!

Let’s make November 29th a global day of action to stop #GazaGenocide

Tomorrow, November 29th, the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the #BDS movement is calling for an all day social media storm. Our physical and digital actions can be used together to strengthen our demands:
  • Permanent ceasefire and lifting the siege to stop Israel’s genocide in Gaza.
  • Lawful sanctions on Israel, including a #MilitaryEmbargo.
  • Pressure on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to issue arrest warrants for Israeli leaders.

Click here for prepared messages and images to use for the social media storm.

Millions of you have taken to the streets for the largest protests the world has seen in the last 20 years! We are grateful to each one of you who, through your voices and creative actions, have built up unprecedented grassroots power to end Israel’s genocidal war against 2.3 million Palestinians in the besieged and occupied Gaza Strip. 

You have shown meaningful solidarity with Palestinian rights by pressuring governments to take action and hold those responsible and complicit in Israel’s genocide in Gaza accountable. Across the Global South – from South Africa to Colombia – several states have cut diplomatic ties with Israel or expelled or recalled their ambassadors. Others have referred Israel’s war criminals to the International Criminal Court. 


Yet, Western governments are continuing to arm, fund and provide political cover for Israel’s genocide, promoting a new doctrine of unaccountable, unmasked, and extreme violence  against  those  who  challenge  Western  powers  and  their  interests. Theirs is an alliance of the world’s racist, colonial regimes culminating in the mass murder of Palestinians. 

Time has long run out – we need to turn the scales in favour of people’s power now! 

Ending all state, corporate and institutional complicity with Israel’s genocidal apartheid regime is more urgent than ever. Palestinian lives and livelihoods literally depend on it. To this end, and as time has shown, BDS is the most effective form of solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle. 

Under the banner, Unite now to stop #GazaGenocide and start dismantling apartheid!, the Palestinian-led global BDS movement calls for a Global Day of Action on November 29th, the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people, to end business-as-usual with apartheid Israel. We call for escalating worldwide peaceful mobilizations and expressions of meaningful solidarity to stop the genocide including:

  1. Whenever feasible, organizing peaceful disruptions, sit-ins, occupations, etc. targeting  policymakers, as well as the corporate enablers of genocide and apartheid (arms manufacturers, investment firms), and institutions (media, universities, cultural spaces, etc.).

  2. Disrupting the transport of weapons, or weapon parts, to Israel, including in transit states, by supporting trade unions refusing to handle such shipments, as has been done in Belgium, US, and the Spanish State, and as expressed by trade unions in India, Turkey, Italy and Greece. 

  3. Pressuring parliaments and governments to cancel existing military contracts and agreements with Israel, as Colombia’s president publicly espoused, and as demanded by the BDS movement in Brazil, a demand supported by civil society and more than 60 parliamentarians in the country

  4. Intensifying all strategic economic boycott and divestment campaigns against complicit corporations, and escalating campaigns to cut all ties to apartheid Israel and its complicit academic and cultural institutions as well as sports teams.

  5. Mobilizing your community, trade union, association, church, social network, student government/union, city council, cultural center, or other organization to declare itself an Apartheid Free Zone (AFZ) on November 29th, if it hasn’t already, and organize a solidarity event or action on November 29th.

  6. Pressuring your elected officials, where relevant, through direct communication or collective direct action, to demand real pressure on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to urgently prosecute Netanyahu and all other Israeli officials responsible for genocide, apartheid, and war crimes.

November 29, 2023
Die-In for Palestine

Join us this Wednesday as we mourn the loss of our Palestinian brothers and sisters. If you are not familiar with a die-in, people lay on the ground to give a representation of those who have been killed by Israel’s brutal bombardment. We’ll be demonstrating this week to demand:

    1. That the University take the adequate steps towards divestment from the Zionist state.
    2. That the University cut off academic ties with the Zionist state.
    3. That the City of Madison passes the resolution calling for a total ceasefire.